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1878, 1879 Drafts & 1892 Code

Criminal Code (Indictable Offences) Bill (U.K.), 1878 (by James Fitzjames Stephen): title-s. 97, ss. 98-251, ss. 252-385, s. 386-end [pdf]
Report, Criminal Code Bill Commission (U.K.), 1879 (incl. Stephen): title-p. 48, pp. 49-209 (Draft Code) [pdf]
The Criminal Code, 1892, 55-56 Vict., c. 29: title-s. 210, ss. 211-406 [pdf]

Allen M. Linden, Recodifying Criminal Law, (1989) 14 Queen's L.J. 3 (via Heinonline)

Current Version & Law Reform Commission of Canada Draft

Canadian Criminal Code: current version
LRCC Draft: Report 31 (Recodifying Criminal Law) (1986)

Selected Topics

James Fitzjames Stephen

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity (1874) (excerpt) [pdf]
R. v. Tolson (1889) 23 QBD 168 (Stephen: pp. 643-49); Jelf, "Battle of Tolson"

M.L. Friedland, R.S. Wright's Model Criminal Code: A Forgotten Chapter in the History of the Criminal Law, (1981) 1 OJLS 307 (via JSTOR)
John Aberdeen, Act, Circumstance, and Event: Austinian Action Theory under the Griffith Criminal Code, (2011) J. Juris. 727