Felonies of the Third Degree
Offenses Involving Danger to the Person
Section 210.4 (negligent homicide)
Section 211.1 (aggravated assault)
Section 211.3 (terroristic threats)
Section 212.2 (felonious restraint)
Section 212.4(1) (interference with custody of children)
Section 212.5 (criminal coercion)
Section 213.1(2) (gross sexual imposition)
Section 213.2(2) (deviate sexual intercourse by imposition)
Section 213.3 (corruption of minors)

Offenses Against Property
Section 220.1(2) (reckless burning or exploding)
Section 220.2(1) (causing catastrophe)
Section 220.3 (criminal mischief)
Section 221.1 (burglary)
Section 223.1 (theft)
Section 224.1 (forgery)
Section 224.3 (fraudulent destruction, removal or concealment of recordable instruments)
Section 224.6 (credit cards)

Offenses Against the Family
Section 230.1(2) & (3) (polygamy)
Section 230.2 (incest)
Section 230.3(1) (abortion)
Section 230.3(4) (self-abortion)
Section 230.3(5) (pretended abortion)

Offenses Against Public Administration
Section 240.1 (bribery in official and political matters)
Section 240.2 (threat and other improper influence in official and political matters)
Section 241.1 (perjury)
Section 241.6(1) (tampering)
Section 241.6(3) (witness or informant taking bribes)
Section 241.8 (tampering with public records or information)
Section 242.3 (hindering apprehension or prosecution)
Section 242.4 (aiding consummation of crime)
Section 242.6 (escape)
Section 242.8 (bail jumping)

Offenses Against Public Order and Decency
Section 250.1(1) (riot)
Section 251.2(2) & (3) (promoting prostitution)

General Provisions Regarding Felonies